Checking E Filed returns

last year when I used another tax program, before TaxCycle I was able to click on a menu item and it would show me all the files that I had EFiled including date etc etc.
It was nice to view, is there anything like that on TaxCycle?
Thanks in advance.

It is in client manager. Press F3 or you can view from right side bar “Quick Search”. There are options and they are self explanatory. You can choose whatever you would like to

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When I have tried I always get ‘no search results’. Do you have to set up somehow?

Yes, there is a set-up process to use Client Manager.
There are some great topics in TaxCycle support.
Start with First Time Setup:

Then you can look at customized searches and reports for specific information.

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Thanks for the quick help. Man am I ever glad I switched tax programs.
Between the better price and the quick support this is a great product.

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@ddwyer905 . Me too.

When I finally switched in March of 2017 for the 2016 Personal Tax Season, I felt instant relief. Never more was I left hanging with poor support and weeks of uncorrected technical issues. Instead I have received ongoing stellar support with short response times, impressive knowledge, and total commitment to the delivery the best possible support. The speed of bug fixes and feature improvements remains impressive. All the great workflow tools, robust features and functions, great training and online technical resources, and affordable price with many feature options comprise a delightful bonus on top of the best technical support in the industry.

I am very glad that I switched.


And you haven’t even mentioned the great support we get from our peers! That is also a real benefit!

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