Client Invoice

When you override the amount to zero on a line in the client billing form, the invoice still prints the line detail but with a blank amount. The prior year invoices omitted the whole line which is my preference. Is this an options setting or is it programed that way?

Unfortunately there is not a setting for this. At the request of several customers we changed the invoice because some people wanted to show zero dollar items. I am going to log a ticket for us to revisit this after the season. In the meantime, you may just be able to use a prior-year template for the current year? Have you tried it? I haven’t yet, but just an idea.

Open up your invoice template and try adding the highlighted text:

Let me know if that works for you.

Thanks for the suggestion Cameron. That keeps the zero amount lines in the Details section from printing. Then I tried doing a credit in the disbursement section to bring the invoice to zero and the balance owing line still printed with a zero amount owing. I’m quite satisfied with this.
This zero balance was a problem with the prior year invoice template. A zero balance invoice didn’t print the balance owing line if it was zero.