Billing Worksheet Fix

When I override an amount on the billing worksheet, I sign it off as Second Review. I have no notifications of anything to Review. Then after I print the tax return (including an invoice) I get a Review notification that Requires Attention on the Billing worksheet . I have already reviewed and signed it off, and I am aware it does not reflect the schedules used in the return. The price list has not changed. This same issue happened a couple of years ago and it was fixed so that the message doesn’t come up after printing to have to sign off. Can we have this fixed again.

Further to this, I can’t seem to print an Invoice for someone, like family, where I am not charging them for the return but still need to record it for my business records. The print option is Grey, not selectable, for a $0.00 invoice. Thus I have to manually print it for my business file by right clicking on the invoice and selecting print that way. It’s a pain because the naming conventions don’t match, nor does the storage directory, so I have manually configure everything to print this invoice.

Is there a simple solution to fix this?

Where do you mean the print option is grey?

You can make the invoice print every time by right clicking on it in a printset, like this:

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Thank you, @Cameron! I knew there must be an easy fix to that question!