CCH Wolters Kluwer - Outage in Canada, USA, UK, Continental Europe

I am new to CCH Wolters Kluwer’s online Tax Research Tool, Intelliconnect. I finally purchased it in early May to assist me in researching some topics for some complex tax situations. I was unable to access my paid service from my date of purchase until now. No one in tech support or sales support seemed to have a clue why not.

Through the help of my friends at IPBC (Institute of Professional Bookkeepers) I discovered that this is a global malware problem. This reminds me of grocery store, food manufacturer, and over the counter drugs which were tainted or tampered with. The companies which were frank, honest, took responsibility, and instituted preventative measures came out ok. The ones that did not lost trust.

I have a call into my CPA Knotia Rep to see what I might be able to use from them. You can decide fro yourself what you glean from this example. In the meantime I am grateful that I am using Taxcycle by Trilogy Software for my tax prep.

Here are but three references.

1 - Krebs on Security



My sales rep went well out of his way to get me in and registered. Regardless of the technology issues. Sales, Customer Service, and Tech Support went well out of their way to getting the access that I needed.

I’m in and have full access the info that I need. Well done!

Following the links, it is clear from some user postings that preparer’s are not familiar with their obligation to notify their clients of delays in e-filing their returns.

Page 5 of Chapter 1 in the Electronic Filers Manual states near the bottom: You must inform your client accordingly if a delay is encountered in the submission of the EFILE return.

Page 5 of Chapter 2 in the Electronic Filers Manual states: You should inform your clients about any processing delay…

The Manual can be found at

Great, let me put this together tonight and let you know what else I would need.