COVID-19 Advice please!

I can’t open up my email without seeing a message from the CEO of some company talking about the COVID-19 crisis and what their company is doing about it. All of these messages have a very similar theme.

We have not sent one of these messages. We’ve updated our status on our blog, and yes, we are doing all the things that most other reasonable businesses are doing. We are working from home, and we are supporting all of our clients and our employees as best we can.

So, my question is this. Does it seem insensitive or oblivious if you don’t get a COVID-19 email from Trilogy Software? Is updating the blog enough?


You guys are ABSOLUTELY the very best!! MERCI:-)

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Not everyone follows the blog. I have been a using TaxCycle for several years and I only signed up this year for ProTax Community. I would send out the email. Thank you for all of your support!

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Hey Cameron, I am also receiving many emails with the same theme. I keep the important ones to me, like my internet provider, but since I kept the blog post, I would delete your message!

John H Lake

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I don’t need another email telling me that companies are doing all they can. I only want to know if there is going to be a problem so that we can react. I quit reading those emails after the second one.

Our message to our clients has been: we have secure email if you are socially distancing and prefer to deal remotely.


Unless something dramatically changes, for example, support hours shutting down for a day or days, I don’t need another email. At this point I’d rather receive one for actual urgent issues.


Ditto with everyone who gets enough emails with a similar message. I know it’s the PC thing to do but I don’t need to hear it from everyone I deal with. Don’t worry, I won’t show up at your door looking for in-person TaxCycle support.

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I believe it is prudent that companies communicate with their customers the steps they are taking to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at reasonable intervals. Daily from one company is probably a little much.

If there has been a major change, I think it is important to notify your base by every means available. If there are minor changes, there probably other appropriate methods to do so.

I have sent out two emails so far. First one was to notify our clients of our precautionary measures and to inform them should Alberta surpass 25 confirmed cases that I would send out another email detailing the elevated steps we would take. The second email went out on Sunday explaining the elevated procedures we are following.

Yesterday I made a small change to how we are going to accept payment and instead of blasting everybody with an email, I made note of the change on the invoices.

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I thought I had already received your email - but no, please don’t bother. They mostly look like a cut and paste job anyhow. We have this forum and the phone and email. If we want to see your face we can skype!

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Thanks Cameron for not plugging up my outlook inbox


Most definitely do not require yet another email to say everything will be fine.

Please advise only if disruption of service will occur ( although unlikely) as you folks are amazing !!!


Well said!

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I am inundated with messages about this. I agree with you Cameron, updates are enough. We have experienced it first hand as one my staff has tested positive. We have forwarded emails to all of our clients telling them to use the online facilities or couriers to deal with this problem. So far the rest of us are clear.

Cameron we extend our condolences to you and your staff for the loss of your employee.

Gabe, Linda, Ellen, Dmitry, Wendy and Kyla



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The blog update is more than adequate.
Thank you.

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If you send me yours, I’ll send you mine. :laughing:
I agree with the general feeling. I only need an email if, somehow, you are taking a step or are impacted in a way that would impact support or our use of the software.


Saw it on the Start screen and that was good enough for me! Enough with the emails which all talk about how the CEO’s and the corps have a heart. And they want to keep my business clearly. Best to do that by producing good products at reasonable prices!


Honestly, I’ve started ignoring them… glad to know you are doing all the right things, but my assumption is that any well run organization is.

Stay safe!

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Blog is good my in box is flooded with CO 19 emails. An email if you are shutting down for a day. We know that you are taking care of everyone’s best interest. Use your time resources where most needed. Thx

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Personalty, I would not bother.