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Doxcycle problem in new version?


I am getting this message on trying to import a pdf or scan in a document.

have talk to them about it yesterday they are looking into it went back to build before. Sent them log file for review

We have uploaded build 40215 yesterday that we believe resolves the issue.

~ Rob

I just installed this AM so I don’t believe it does.

Are you still getting the exact same issue about the object reference not set to an instance of an object?

Our developers are looking at it again to determine what may be causing issues.

~ Rob

I had not updated until this morning.

I clipped that error message above this morning when using build 9.0.40215.0

Are you sure the right version got uploaded?

Ok, thanks for the clarification - 40215 is the correct version we had uploaded late yesterday. We are working to identify the root cause and then will update when it is resolved.

~ Rob

ok rob will wait to hear something but have taken mine back to 38918 for now


We have uploaded build 40243 this morning that we believe should have solved the issue.

~ Rob

Working as expected now for me.


I do not see “smaller icon on the right” mentioned in the option.

Tested with both a T1 and a T2 return.

  • Scanning now works.
  • Opening the DoxCycle file from within TaxCycle does not work if DoxCycle application is not already running. If DoxCycle application is running, then the file opens by clicking the link on the ribbon within TaxCycle.

So there is still a (minor) issue now, but the major issue has been resolved.

I tested on my end and that is working as expected for me still.

Tim mine open from within taxcycle with doxcycle not open and running

I will have to call Trilogy tomorrow for help… something is wrong and it appears to be particular to me at this point.

I called Trilogy this morning and, go figure, it works now.

I think perhaps the shut down of the computer and the start up this morning must have solved some missing setting.

So, ignore all my messages about my problem.