DoxCycle being 'glitchy'

Is anyone else experiencing annoying behaviour by DoxCycle?

On a seemingly random basis, I will try to post an item to TaxCycle from DoxCycle. All items will be checked off, but when I hit the button to post, one of the items will become unchecked and it won’t post. This will keep happening until I close the file and re-open it.

(This is in addition to but unrelated the other glitches I have mentioned earlier with trying to move pages around.)

Yes, that is happening to me as well.

Thanks. Good to know it isn’t just our system.

i had no problem have done 50 return today no problem with doxcycle

Kevin, what is your set up? Stand alone machines, networked, or networked using terminal services?

(Trying to determine if the problem only occurs in certain environments.)

stand alone

When I change the taxpayer on a slip in DoxCycle, the slip disappears and I have to save, exit DC, re-open, and the slip re-appears. I don’t change taxpayers often as it is pretty good at matching, but every time I do, this happens.

Thanks Kevin. That might be the difference. We are using terminal services.

I have this same problem periodically.

I consider myself a significant user of Doxcycle and really value it in my office. I do feel though that the resources allocated to it by Trilogy over the last few years has likely been quite small.

I look forward to a time when they can spend some time on it again.


I agree! Once tax season is over (hopefully it will end this year, unlike last year), maybe we can make a list (again) of things we would like t see.

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