CAI 'reside outside census area' carryover?

Last year I ended up having to search a lot of client addresses on the ‘census metropolitan area’ map to see if they qualify for a supplement due to the nature of my clients. When I carry over a return into 2019, last year’s answer to step 2 (yes or no) does not carry over and I am finding I have to open last year’s return to see if they qualify. Should this not automatically carry over? Is there a way to make it carry over?Am I missing a step to make this easier? Thank you.


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Making the CMA data carry over carries the risk that the relevant CMA could be redrawn for the next census - scheduled for 2021.

The search by postal code at:

is convenient and quick.

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I use this link, which I have visible on the “Quick Access” toolbar in Taxcycle. Under “Options -->Research” I coded the weblink below into the Default website for “Canada Revenue Agency”

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Each to his or her own taste. I find searching on the postal code easier than locating my clients’ addresses on the CMA maps.

I guess I don’t know how to read the data then keith. When I enter a postal code I don’t get a “yes” or “no” answer.

I live outside of a Census-Metropolitan Area.
When I enter my postal code into that link, it returns 2 possible Census Metropolitan Areas.
I have to click on each of those maps to verify that my location is not included in either.
The maps on that site are quite small.

My postal code covers about 100 square km’s
In some areas the dividing line between inside and outside of a CMA is one side of a street vs another or one side of a river or another.
In many cases it is so close that I need to essentially zoom into the exact location of a client’s address to see whether they are inside or outside of the CMA.

Go to Statistics Canada website, look for 2016 census profile and search on postal code.

Carryover is not a great idea. We are due for a census next year and CMA boundaries may change.