Cma maps

I have cra links for the climate action incentive maps but they aren’t working - they are blank.
I seem to have a number of clients that have moved rural during the pandemic but i can’t easily sort out if they are outside census metropolitan area.
i have search this forum but i am unable to find a proper or current link
thank you

Yes, we were discussing the fact that the official CMA Map is no longer functional a few days ago in this topic.

It’s much more clumsy, but I am using the link below (provided a couple years ago by @Arliss) for any clients who have moved and need to verify whether they are in or out of a CMA.

I enter the Postal Code
Then under the “Census Metropolitan Area” I click on “Map” which opens up a basic map with the CMA that doesn’t really help a lot. However, from there you can click on "Archived-Reference map (Interactive Tool) " and that opens up a working zoomable version of the CMA map.

Just like the official website published by CRA but much more clumsy… but at least it still works.

Click on Census Profile to begin

Gotta say that this has ALWAYS been a total PITA. I have clients who live WAY outside of any populated area…but they seem to…somehow…fall inside a census area. One of them is well over 70km from anywhere populated…but nope!

Huge waste of time, I’m sad to say.

I have to agree with you @SmallBizGuy

On the census map I definitely live outside of (but between) 2 CMA’s. I have pretty close access to almost anything I need.

My daughter lives at least 30 minutes from the closest grocery store, but somehow her home is located inside the North Bay CMA. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I am between Renfrew and Pembroke - I have many grocery stores with 30 minutes but am outside of Ottawa area so outside of CMA.

thank you for redirecting to previous discussion.
i agree waste of time.
have a great tax weekend.

Here’s the website I’m using for CMA
Census Profile, 2021 Census of Population (

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thank you
this is helpful