Census Metropolitan Areas - Maps

For the new Climate Action Incentive (CAI) I’m looking for a source where I can find detailed maps of the various Census Metropolitan Areas in Ontario. I checked Statistics Canada but couldn’t find there what I need. Does anyone know if there is such a place where to find these maps? I have the CMA of London ON but since I deal with clients who live in other cities, I would like to be able to see other CMAs. Any help would be appreciated.



Thanks Arliss. These links won’t give detailed maps but at least by using the postal code will show if the address is within a CMA or not and that’s all we need to know for the CAI. I was looking more for a detailed map like the one attached (if the attachment works) but the links you sent are good for this purpose. Thanks again

London CMA.pdf (1.5 MB)

Try using this link:
If you zoom in it will show the boundaries.

@Hugo This is the CRA’s page we have been referring to:


It includes links to maps as well.

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My focus was on Statistics Canada and didn’t check the CRA for it. Thank you Elizabeth and all the others for your help. Great forum!

That’s better. :+1::+1:

The majority of my clients (myself included) reside outside of a CMA.

Under Options–>Research I have changed the default Hyperlink for the “Canada Revenue Agency” to point to the address that @Elizabeth posted above and attached that link to the TaxCycle Ribbon. It would have been even cooler if that hyperlink could have been directly embedded into the Schedule 14.
I still have Evergreen Notes pointed to Taxtips.ca


Thanks for the tip @snoplowguy, I’ve now done the same…Mike

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When I zoom in I don’t get any detail at all, it says I should be able to get to street level, but even when the scale in the bottom left shows the scale at 1km, or 100m or 10m I can’t see any streets?

That’s really odd.

I can see street level detail when I zoom in. At maximum zoom (0 to 40 meters) you can actually begin to see some house numbers in some cities.

Huh. I get a big purple blob that turns into a solid purple screen as I zoom in. I’m on Chrome… maybe I’ll try something else for these maps and see what happens.

Has anyone else discovered this website no longer works?
All you do is get a map of North America.
You can zoom in all you want but all you get is grey shading.
Tried with Firefox, Edge, and Chrome

The quality of the site seems on par with the quality of most other government services nowadays. It’s unfortunate that insulated civil servants don’t face penalties for gross negligence like the rest of us. :upside_down_face:

I suppose there is no easy way in TaxCycle to tell what the answer was last year without opening up last year’s T1 return and looking to see if the box was ticked? This is not something the software could remember from year to year if the client’s address hasn’t changed?

Same problem here. I visit a few weeks ago and it was okay then.

If you click in the field in the current year’s return, then look in the bottom left corner, you can see what the prior year value was:


Thank you @darlene

I did not have Prior Year set up as one of my “data monitors”, but I sure do now!
This will definitely save a considerable amount of time.

Starting the first year the S14 came out, we made it a firm policy to put a memo with the answer so we wouldn’t have to look back every year.
But the prior year data monitor is an EXCELLENT idea. Thank you so much for sharing.
This is such a great forum!

Here’s the website I am l going to determine CMA
Census Profile, 2021 Census of Population (statcan.gc.ca)
With the new census, I have some clients who are now in the CMA, when they were not before. (Niverville MB)

This link has maps for 4 provinces only. I guess Nova Scotia still doesn’t matter. Same old story. Anywhere east of Quebec isn’t part of the country.