Climate Action Incentive - outside a CMA

It would be nice to have an option to carry forward the answer to the “Tick this box if Taxpayer resides, or will reside, outside a CMA on April 1” from the previous year, along with a warning it was carried forward.

Would save some research when people haven’t moved and you are unsure of the answer from the year before.

A memo set to “carry forward to next year” is what I use.

That would work, but we do have many other similar built in options so I think they could add it.

I have a data monitor for Prior Year, so when I’m on any field it will tell me what the last years cell was. I go to the Box on S14 and click on the line to see what the prior data monitor tells me.
It’s not a carry forward, but at least you can see what last year with out having to look it up.


Not bad. :+1: I have added that data monitor. Might find that useful for other things.

were do you find data monitor?

ok sorry I did not know that is what it is called. I watch that all the time