TaxCycle operational things that make me crazy

Because it’s a Wednesday. And maybe some of these things are setup errors on my part.

  1. Update TC and the Quick Search/Filters (QSF) pane ALWAYS relocates to the right side of the screen. I want it on the left. Always need to move, open, pin. Please, just stay the way I set you up!

  2. Would love to have a command-line option so I can save TC icon to open in “T1 mode” with a default QSF selection in place, and a second T2 icon similarly opening in “T2 mode”. (ie D:\taxcycle\TaxCycle.exe /T1)

  3. Often, when switching from T2QSF to T1QSF selection, the columns are incorrect. T2 columns are Name/BN/Year End etc; switch to T1QSF selection and I get Name/Ref/Year End, although the QSF format is saved as “Last Name, First Name”…I always have to go back to change it to T1/TP1 Layout manually.

  4. Year end is right-justified. Can I change it to left-justified? Painful for my eyes (yes, I’m used to scanning quickly down a column…but the space before the numbers is…annoying.)

  5. One more thing to add: Auth Request keeps coming up as a Review item on T1s even when the client is already auth’d.

First world problems. And it’s a great program overall, so maybe it’s just me. Little stuff.