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Functional issues opening TC

Maybe I’m missing something (cue the “a few pickles short of a jar” jokes…) but I’d like a couple of things:

  1. Quick launch
  • open TC (with a parameter?) that springs to a default T1 “Quick Search” list right away.
  • same as above, but for T2s

That way I can open either one and just choose the file I want, not change the Quick Search or hunt for the file. Maybe there’s a way to do that, but I haven’t found it.

  1. Pin the Quick Search/Recent bar…yes I know there is one. Every time I run an “update” it goes back to the right side and I have to re-pin it to the left. AND have it stay open (see 1 above…?)

I love TC otherwise, although printing occasionally drives me nuts (usually my own fault). Certainly beats the heck out of the other options for me!


#2 above just happened again with the update. Surely this is a reasonably easy fix to prevent rearrangement of the screen elements?