Batch Printing T1 to DoxCycle

We have our office copy of the T1s set to print to DoxCycle. We have included that print set in the batch print but the DoxCycle files were not updated with the tax returns.

When we print one at a time, the system seems to work. Is there a trick to doing this in a batch?

I don’t know if this is the same problem, but when I was batch printing, I found that if you named the batch print the same as a form or letter that it would print the form or letter instead of using the custom print job. It would also print to the default printer if I hadn’t specified a destination for the form or letter.

I renamed my print job from ‘PreSeason Print’, to 12345Print and it worked ok.


This is not a support scenario right now. With the current architecture, each file from the batch would spin up a new instance of DoxCycle and you’d run out of memory after just a few files.

After this season is over, we are going to rework this slightly so that you will be able to batch print to DoxCycle without opening a DoxCycle window. That will reduce the memory required so that it can work for larger batches.

Thanks for the feedback.

~ Cameron


Thanks. We will print to PDF instead. That is what we have done in the past. We thought it would be nice to print to DoxCycle if we could, but not a big deal.

We will watch for this feature next season.