Batch Print to PDF?


Any any one tried to do a batch print to PDF? I created a custom print job to send out my preseason letters. The print jobs works just fine when I test it with an individual file, but it wants to print to my default windows printer when I pick batch print. I have selected print to Adobe in the print job. I actually have ALL my print jobs in TaxCycle going to Adobe, so nothing should ever go directly to the printer.

Is there a different setting for Batch Print?


Well I solved my own problem. I changed the name of my print job to “1234” from ‘PreSeason’, and it all works as expected.

Since there isn’t a drop list to pick from the defined list of print jobs for batch printing, perhaps there is a bug with picking up the name? Case sensitivity?

Still don’t know why they went to the printer – all of my print jobs are set to go to Adobe PDF. Some internal default option perhaps?

I agree that it would be nice if there was a drop down list of the print jobs to include in the batch print.

Has anyone done a batch print with a PDF that goes into the DoxCycle file? I printed an individual file that way but was wondering what it will look like when you try that with a batch.


It should not be case sensitive, but if you have any spacing in the description of the print job that must exactly match. And the print job must be enabled in options (although I’m going to change that so that a print job that is not enable in the sidebar could be used in batch printing).

Also, if the selection match on the form “Preseason” instead of your print job, it would use whatever print settings you’ve specified for that form, or the default printer if you’ve never specified settings for that form.

There are three things that we are planning to do with batch printing in the near future:

  1. Have a drop down of print jobs… this is more complicated than it seems because a batch job can contain 2014 T1 files, 2013 T1 file, T3 files, T4 files etc. We know we can make this better. I’m hoping to do this for the March release.
  2. Have an option to override the printer selected in for the print job, so you can explicitly set the printer used for a batch job, and it won’t have to match the printer selected in options. This should be done for March too.
  3. Support batch printing to DoxCycle files, without spinning up DoxCycle. This requires a little reworking of DoxCycle that we can’t do mid-tax season, so it’s something for the post June 15th timeframe.

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There was no spacing, and if there was it should give an error, not proceed to randomly print forms on a printer.

Fortunately I was able to stop it before it got too far.

TaxCycle has some great ideas and lots of potential. But there are a number of things like the template editor and the batch printing that really need some finessing. While I like the features, I would appreciate more testing before they are rolled out.

Thanks Cameron

Any update on providing an option to select the output source (printer, pdf or even email) for batch print jobs. Would be really great to be able to either print all the preseason letters to PDF and email or be able to email directly to the client.