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Batch Printing?

I am just planning for the upcoming tax season. I have customized all of my letters and defined a new print set to print out my planning letters to send to my clients.

However I am stumped now as how to print these all out without going into each client file?

When I add them to the ‘batch’ there isn’t an option to ‘print’. Only to carry forward. Am I missing something?

unless I am mistaken, batch print is a planned addition for this season


We are adding finishing up Batch Printing in the next few days and will release it on January 6th or 7th. If you need it before New Years, drop me a line and I will try to get you a build on the 30th.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

No rush, we doing our mail outs mid January so that will be great!! Thanks for the reply.

Is there a way to select all 2013 Taxcycle T1 files for a batch print? Or must I manually select add each one to add them to the batch?

You can filter your search results by year and module. Select the Quick Searches menu item. Select 2013 on the Year filter group and T1 on the Return Type filter group. Once you have your 2013 returns that you want to print in view, you can add all all to the batch printing.

I can get the filter set for the 2013 T1 returns but there is no visible option to “select all” or “add all”. What am I missing?

On the List Returns view (the first button to the right of the search box), you can select all of the returns. Once on the Returns View, the is a Plus (+) button just below the Batch icon and to the left of the Name column header. This will add every return in view to the batch.

OK I see the problem. I was viewing the clients in card view so there was no selection option there.

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