Create batched preseason letters

What I want to do is create and print preseason letters for all T1 clients. I think I have two issues here. One, carrying forward all the returns to 2017 and two, create the letters all at once.

Is there anyway to carry forward all returns at once? And then create all preseason letters at once and print them?

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Yes, to both, using the client manager:

Thank you @BertMulderCGA .

I carried forward the clients that I wanted to, but when I quicksearch the 2017 files don’t turn up. I checked the folder where they are stored on my computer and I checked under options, files and folders. They are both pointing in the right direction.

I can open a file that was carried forward, but it doesn’t show up in client manager. I tried closing the program and re-opening and it’s still not linked.

Is it maybe because 2017 is still in preview mode? I haven’t been given a new license key yet.

Any suggestions anyone?

You can give us a call and we’ll help you find your 2017 files.

However, you could use your 2016 files, and batch print the post season letter. That’s the same as the pre-season letter, it just does not require you carry forward the files first.

Have you tried indexing the client manager database?

If you’re running a Client Manager server, go to Options/client manager/detailed server configuration options/monitored folders, and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you can click “Index now” to force an indexing of all your monitored folders.

You’ll also want to double check that your 2017 rolled forward files are in a directory that’s being monitored per the list above in that same “Monitored Folders” window.

Hope that helps!