Print Configurations Not Working

Ever since I installed the most recent update to TaxCycle, the program seems to be ignoring the \ keys as specified in the File name drop-down box. My files are just saved to the folder that I’ve specified in the “Save to” box. The Print Configuration does not save the files to the specific folder that I’ve created in the File name box.


Can you please send me a screen shot of your print configuration, or one of your print configuration files that is showing this behavior?

I would like to investigate further.


Thanks Cam. I’ve just emailed it to you.

Fingers crossed linked as samething here and wondered if just me but hadn’t sent in additional information requested yet but will try and do as well.

Sorry… took a little longer than I had hoped.

Can you please try this??

It’s identical to the last release, with the addition of the fix to the problem you are having.

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That’s done the trick. Thanks Cam!

Is the problem very specific to a particular setup?

I haven’t noticed any issues.

Just wondering who should be installing the new version?

I don’t have a very specific setup. As I explained to Cameron, I have print configurations for T1’s and T2’s especially that will print PDF copies of returns or various schedules to specific client folders using the variables in the file name drop-down box.

For example, if the client is John Doe, my print configuration may be setup to print to “P:\Doe, John\2019\2019 Tax Return.pdf”. However, after the latest TaxCycle download, the print configuration was ignoring the backward slash sign in my print configuration and printing to a file in the P:\ folder called DoeJohn20192019TaxReturn.pdf. The version Cam suggested that I download corrects that problem.

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I see.

I guess that is why I hadn’t noticed anything on my end as Doxcycle receives my copies.

Just a thought, this is all to ensure that you have a copy that is away from the client, a copy for your files.

Perhaps, we should think of this in a different manner? Would it be possible to create TWO doxcycle files for each taxcycle file? A Client File and an Preparer File?

That is essentially what you are doing with the PDF.

This second Doxcycle file would have its own set of folders, the print driver would be the same, but perhaps a setting to send it off to the secondary file.

I realize that this is a HUGE amount of work for the programmer, but it seems that we are looking at this incorrectly. The purpose is an archival copy. That is what Doxcycle is supposed to do, but the archival copy has a different purpose than the original Doxcycle file.

I also use DoxCycle @Arliss, but I have various print configurations that create various other PDF files for specific purposes. For T1’s, I use DoxCycle to keep a working paper file for my own purposes. I print a PDF version of the client copy of the return because I want to have a copy of what I’ve given to the client. I also have a PDF version, called “Banking Copy” to print for bankers since they like to have specific schedules printed along with the traditional jacket. I have other configurations that print schedules for various uses. For T2’s I have a configuration that prints various schedules to a working paper PDF that I can drag into Caseware.

I use DoxCycle as a working paper file for T1’s but I see where what @TimParris is suggesting might help those who use DoxCycle differently from how I use it.

I also use Doxcycle for a working paper file, and, as well, give the client a copy of the Doxcycle file. What I do is I simply make an extract of the Doxcycle file to go to the client. That way you can exclude pages you do not want the client to have. Also, I break up the file between spouses for the client copy.