Default directory for printing PDF files

Can you add a default directory for when we are printing pdf files from Taxcycle. I save everything on a server and would at a minimum prefer the default was the root directory from the server; however, the program wants to default to “Libraries\Documents”

It would also be nice if I print two pdf files at the same time, I could have the option to to select that the program defaults to the same directory I printed the first file to rather than going back to “Libraries\Documents”

James, unless I misunderstand what you are saying, this can all be done in your print options.

Yes, I can choose other folder; however, I want to use the “prompt” option and have it default to the network root directory so I can then select the client directory I want. I am not sure the other folder directory gives me the prompt?

Either way, the directory should be set in the options to be consistent with the other folder setup.

The above did not work that way originally, can we have this fixed so when i print two files, the second one will go to the same directory as the first as the default and then let me change the directory as required


I don’t understand why it is taking you to Libraries / Documents. For me (and what the code says), TaxCycle defaults to the directory where my TaxCycle file is saved. If your TaxCycle file has never been saved, the default is whatever Windows decides. I’m looking at adding another default, but I need to make sure I understand the behaviour you get now first.

A couple of questions:

  1. What version of Windows?
  2. Are you printing to PDF before you save your TaxCycle file?

For the rest of you out there, is it a useful option to default to the directory where the TaxCycle file is saved?

~ Cameron

Yes, that would be my preference

  1. Windows 7;
  2. I believe this is the issue since these have been inactive companies; HOWEVER…

I do not want the pdf to default to the Taxcycle directory ever. I am saving these in my working paper directory; therefore, I would like the option to define the starting point (i.e. H:\caseware).

Furthermore, (my be related to the above) when I print two print jobs to pdf from the same company I will define the directory like h;\caseware\xyz company for the first pdf, and the second pdf should default to h;\caseware\xyz company as well.

That being said,

If I was programming Taxcycle, I would allow for print set specific directories

The options would have a place to put the default directory for pdf printing, for each module, so the default directory for T2 files may be different than T1 files or T4 files. These default directories would populate the print sets by default; however, I would be allowed to change an individual print set to go to a different directory if I choose with out affecting the other print sets.

This would also flow to Doxcycle, if I want to produce a Doxcycle pdf to send to the client, the location of the PDF may vary depending on the file. T1 pdfs will go to one directory and T2 may go to another directory. You should allow for this in the program.

Doxcycle should have one more feature, produce pdf for cra in additon to the standard pdf printing, which would print to a CRA directory for upload

Cool. I have just made a change so that if you’ve not yet saved your TaxCycle file, the PDF directory will default to whatever folder you have specified as the default for that module and year (when saving the TaxCycle file).

We are thinking of adding the following option (one for all modules) to Files and Folders

[ ] When prompting to save PDFs, start at the same folder where the TaxCycle file is stored
[ ] When prompting to save PDFs, start here: [ _______________________________ ] (specify folder)

@james1 - If that is sufficient, it’s something we can do for this week’s release. If you want a separate PDF folder for each module type and year, it’s something we will look at for next year.

~ Cameron

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We support that already. In the printset, for the save to / email setting, use the dropdown and select “other folder”. TaxCycle will then show you a dialog that will allow you to select any folder.

Does that not work the way you want it to?

~ Cameron

James I already talk to colan about an option for directing pdf in doxcycle to be sent to a folder of our choice ie d:\tax reply\ for uploading

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I think that will work so i can define where to start and those who want to save in the Taxcycle folder can as well.

I do not think it works exactly the way I see it. Correct me if I am wrong, I have to define the directory every time I print. It does not save the directory I choose for all subsequent print jobs for all files. If it does, i may have done something wrong.

I have mentioned that before as well. Just figured i would say it again.

I have no idea how big the requested enhancement list is; however, if @Cameron wanted to send it to me, I could prioritize it for him :grinning:

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You don’t need to set the directory every time. Click the “Save settings” hyperlink:

Ok, I will try that once I get back to files that need taxcycle


Ok, I have been able to try it out and when I am printing to PDF, it goes to the starting default directory I defined; however, it would be nice to have one more tweak;

If I am printing two separate pdf print jobs, I would like to define the first with prompt (with directory) and then the second print job to start with the place I saved the other so I do not need to path twice.

Following This discussion, here is the problem I have.

In my setup, for print, I have 1 print stream set to do pdf. I set that print set up to save in the pdf folder I have designated. However, when I do that, it automatically sets the pdf to go to the same folder for each year. Say 1 want to print a 2015 return and a 2016 return, the pdfs will be set to go to the same folder. I cannot seem to set the pdf for 2015 and the pdf for 2016 to go to different folders. I do approx 800 returns yearly and it is extremely confusing if all pdfs go to the same file. Am I missing something?

You can set the directory based on the return year… you just do it as part of the set file name, like this:

{ReturnYear} will be translated to 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 etc. Note that it is followed by a backslash in the File name field.

As configured, this will take a 2015 T1 return for Jane Doe, and save the PDF as follows:

C:\Users\cameron.LOGICTREE\OneDrive\2015\Doe, Jane.PDF

Let me know if this will support what you need.

Best regards,

~ Cameron

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Thanks for your response. Yes that will work. I figured it out.

I will have to set up my my file naming convention a little different, but it will work.

In all previous years, I have the pdf filed in a seperate sub directory with the tax file. It seemed to be better organized that way.


My T1’s were in a folder : T12015

My pdf’s for that year were in a folder: \Ti2015\pdf

This naming convention won’t work as far as I can see with taxcycle.

But your suggestion I can make work.