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Batch Confirm Signature

We would like to create a batch of T1s with a workflow status (transmission) of Confirm signature with a checkbox available so that our efiler can go through the list of signed T183s and check the box to indicate we have a signed T183. There would then need to be an update button so all of the T1s with a checked box are now marked as signed with their transmission status changed to Ready to efile.

We have found that going in to every T1 to perform that task is extremely inefficient.

Alternatively, if we remove the diagnostic to confirm the signature, will the transmission status then default to Ready to efile, bypassing the Confirm signature status?

Really hoping for the batch process of confirming signatures, but the alternative would work.

Rather than a separate batch process, would adding a new batch transmission option to automatically complete the documents signed requirement just before transmitting the return work?

You can remove this requirement. Under options, select TaxCycle / Transmission / Workflow and deselect “Documents Signed”.

Yes, actually our first thought was having it as part of the batch efile process, but I wasn’t sure how that would work on the searching to create the batch for efile.

If we could use the Confirm signature workflow level to search, then select the files with signed T183s, confirm the signature and efile in one process that would be good.

If it is the only way to resolve going in to each file, we will make the change in the options, but I like the idea of holding up the efile until the signed T183 is confirmed as a safeguard against accident efile.

@Andrew, if you go ahead with this, and if it is possible, it would be a nice touch to show the net payable/refundable from the T183 so the person confirming the signature can also confirm that the amount payable or refundable hasn’t changed since the T183 was signed.

I’ve updated the batch transmission process to allow returns that are waiting for a signature to be transmitted along with files that are ready to transmit.

I think that we will add another batch process later that will just do this task. I will display the payable/refund balance on this.

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