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Mark T1 as E-filed

We had a T1 return e-filed. It was not updated as e-filed when we had e-filed it. The EFILEResults page shows it was e-filed. But the Transmit section shows it as Ready to Transmit. I have confirmed that CRA has received and sent out the Notice of Assessment. How can I change this to show that it was e-filed so that it does not show up on my search as ready to transmit. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

If someone inadvertently selects “Dismiss results and start again” in the Transmit tab then the return will show as ready to EFILE again. You can confirm if this is the case by reviewing the file history. To set the file back to EFILED you can manually assign the CRA confirmation number by selecting the File menu to get to the Info page with the workflow items. Under the Transmission and Filing section select “assign confirmation number” and save. This will change the status back to EFILED.