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Does anyone have a link to any information on how to re-file a return.
I have tried all possible ways but cannot get Taxcycle to re-file. I also can not find any information on the subject at all.

it not set up for it yet
they have not gotten approved for it yet


We are working on certification for Refile now. We should have something in a week or two.

~ Cameron

Is there also a diagnostic planned to remind a person to tick this box on the T183? Or perhaps the ability to set it as a default?

Any progress on the REFILE feature? Per Cameron, it would be a week or 2. Would like to be able to use this feature. Thank you. :slight_smile:


We are certified for ReFile now. Our release will most likely be Wednesday. We are doing final testing and writing the documentation.

Excellent! Looking forward to giving it a whirl. Thanks for the update Cameron. :sunny:

We installed the update and now we can’t seem to tick that box on the T183. Am I missing something?

Maybe you need to have Taxcycle thinking you need to file a T1adj to click the box. Is this a file you already filed you are trying to correct?

After the latest update, when I tick the “Want to REFILE like you EFILE?” box, TaxCycle puts in an override error, saying it has calculated a 2. Have to check off the error in order to efile the return with the box checked.
Sounds like a T1013 authorization error. Haven’t seen any discussions on it yet.

Moved your post to the existing Refile discussion to save duplication

If you used EFILE in TaxCycle to transmit the return in the beginning, then TaxCycle automatically took a snapshot at that time. So, if you start entering information in the return, it will suggest ReFILE and guide you through the process. At the time you create the T1-ADJ, effectively signalling that you intend to file an adjustment, TaxCycle checks that box on the T183 (so you don’t have to). That’s why it is an override if you try to do it any other way.

We are just putting the finishing touches on a 3-minute video on using ReFILE. It should be online this afternoon. You can see it in action there.

Also, there is a documentation page that can help:


So a D-I-Yer wants me to correct his 2015 return. Am I still able to use REFILE when I did EFILE the return?

Not right now in TaxCycle. We are certified for 2016 only. We are considering back-certifying for 2015, but if we do it, it that may not occur until the fall.

I guess you will need to do it the hard way :slight_smile:

My mistake. Looks like I was confused with the new ReFile box. Assumed it had to be originally checked in order to Efile a T1Adj later. Before the update, the checked box had no effect. Now realize it only has to be checked when later EFiling the T1Adj.

Exactly! It is a bit confusing. The CRA added the box to the T183, then changed to a T1013 level 2 authorization requirement. So, that box on the T183 form does not quite express what is required.

Here’s the ReFILE video, if you want a 3-minute intro to the process:

I thought refile is only allowed starting May 10th :smiling_imp:

Looks slick. Hopefully will cut down on some wait time. I recently was quoted a time frame of 40 weeks (Shawinigan) for an adjustment that wasn’t processed automatically.