Bar Code on 2019 T1 Condensed Jacket

I have a client who has to file a paper return for 2019 and I need to know how to get the bar code to print on the condensed T1 jacket and I am drawing a blank. Can someone help please.

Are you printing the client/office copy or the CRA copy? I’d think the CRA copy is the only one with the bar code and it would print automatically.

I printed the CRA copy twice and no bar code so not sure what I need to do.

Try going to CIF

Ok, I am tired, what is CIF?

Try question 14 on the Efile worksheet?
Assuming you’re using taxcycle

I have a 2020 emigrant return with no bar code.

That seems to be the problem. My client emigrated from Canada in August of 2019 and has to paper file. Yes, I am using TaxCycle.

Barcode on page 1 of the T1 Condensed

Preparers occasionally ask us when they should expect to see a barcode at the bottom of page 1 of the T1 Condensed . Questions about this often arise because there is one circumstance where you can paper file a return and see a barcode on the T1 Condensed.

In general, you can expect the following:

  • The barcode shows on the T1 Condensed when a return is eligible to EFILE . For example, if you elect to paper file a return that normally eligible to EFILE, by answering Yes to question 12 on the taxpayer’s EFILE worksheet (EFILEWS) (using up one of your 10 freebies).
  • The barcode does not show on the T1 Condensed when a return i s not eligible to EFILE .

Finally, when it comes to barcodes, what you see on the screen is what will print. If you see a barcode on the T1 Condensed when viewing it in TaxCycle, that is exactly what will print to paper. Learn how to read or copy the contents of a bar code in the Bar Code Contents help topic.

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Dare I mention you need special 3 D glasses to read the barcode?..