Paper Filing T1

Hi I am preparing previous year personal tax returns and cannot efile as efile is closed. I see that on the efilews form, I can answer yes to question 12 to bring up the condensed print icon. What I do not like is that it prints on the T1 condensed that the taxpayer chooses not to have this efiled, which is not accurate. I would like to be able to add my own wording for an efile exclusion. Thank You!

Why not just wait until February 15 and efile the return? Not as if they are paper-processing returns while in annual transition…

As stated, the returns are previous years’ and CRA is aggressively asking for them. Actually requested that I paper file.
So looks like someone is paper processing returns or at least happy to have in their possession. :slight_smile:
So I would like to be able to add my own wording for efile exclusion. Maybe something like CRA Requested… LOL

Debbie CRA knows that you cannot file right now all they have to look at is the date on the return.
I will be filling 8 years today for one client and am not worried

I have a new client who like you CRA was aggressively looking for the 2014 return. I called CRA and said it will be ready on February 15 to E-File and CRA told me sure that is fine, as long as it is E-filed by the 19th, (so they even gave me an extra few days).