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Backwards carry forward

I have a new client who needs 4 years of returns done, but we have to get the authrep in the 2019 tax year. Is there a way for me to link 2019 to the 2018 files so I can refresh the carry forward now that I have 2018 finished?

The program did tell me there was an open file, but I see no way to actually link it. When I click the “there is another file with this name link”, it just opens the other file.

Yes, just right-click on a schedule from the 2019 T1 and choose “Refresh carryforward from (prior year)”

Is there an extra trick? That doesn’t provide an option to carry forward. I’ll be more detailed.

  • I open the 2019 and get an AuthRep.
    -Then, I go to 2015 and start the entry.
    -I AFR and carry forward through 2018.
    -I open the existing 2019 file and TC tells me that carry forward is available from 2018.
    -When I try to carry that into the 2019 file by clicking the message, TC starts a new file for the client instead of linking it into the existing file. (If I try to carry forward into from the buttons on the toolbar, the option to carry forward is greyed out.)

So, I click the link that says a carry forward is available and create a second 2019 with the carry forward in it. Both 2019 files tell me another file with this SIN is available, but I cannot find a way to carry forward the 2018 data into the 2019 file that has the AuthRep transmission confirmation. It will only create a new file that doesn’t contain that confirmation.

Yes, you are missing the extra trick!

Start with 2019 as you are.

Then, create the prior years using this button, from the 2019 return:

Then from the 2018 return, do it again to create 2017. Repeat until you have the year you want to start with…

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Brilliant, thank you!