Refresh carryforward

refrsehes the carry forward from the original T1 file, not from the file as adjusted…

I have noticed this also. Kind of defeats the purpose.

@BertMulderCGA @Arliss

For the next release we now prompt for a filename when you do the refresh carryforward… by default it will suggest the filename of the original carryforward, but you then have the option to point to the adjusted file instead.

In the current release, if you have both the adjusted 2013 return and the 2014 return open in two separate windows, they should find each other and connect when you right click to do the carry forward refresh.

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@BertMulderCGA @Arliss This issue has been resolved in the latest release. Let me know if it’s working better for you when you have a chance.


~ Cameron

Use extreme caution when using this feature, especially carrying forward information if the file carrying forward has already been filed, as I have had it happen that:

  1. the exchange rate info was changed by refresh on the current year return.
  2. slips with data were deleted due to the refresh