Prior year T1013 hassles

New client comes in and hasn’t filed (or needs an adjustment) in prior years, let’s say 2012.
Issue 1: The only T1013 that CRA will accept is the current (2015) version.
Issue 2: So now as I carry forward the returns I will lose the T1013 confirmation information or will have to manually input all the carry forward information.

Am I missing an easier way to do this and not lose the confirmation info?

Start with 2015 and carry backwards to the first year you are doing (though you can only do this back to 2013), and then refresh the carryfowards as you go forward through the years.

By the way, the Efile Association has noted a change to the T1013 procedure for next tax season.

Access will still be instantaneous, but you will have to scan in the T1013, which will then get attached to your transmission of the authorization.

This could be helpful for getting access to final returns if you can upload the documentation with the T1013

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How do you “carry backwards”? Do you mean by just changing the extension on the saved file?

Create the current year file and file your T1013;
While on the personal information screen, right click on the coloured background and select prior year return and you should get this following prompt,

Create the return and keep going until you reach the year you need to do.

complete the return as required;

you should then be able to go into the next year and refresh the prior year datafrom the data tab.

continue until you get to the current year.

Well who knew? I just assumed that since there wasn’t a prior year there was no point to clicking that button.
Thanks so much!

Except I don’t get to the message you show.
I get sent to the carry forward window, where, of course the return doesn’t exist.
It wants me to check the spelling of the name…

In that case, I would suggest you call support…

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