Carry forward from prior year with a laps in years

Is there a way to carry forward when there is a time laps? I have quite often, a client and then they have filed their tax returns somewhere else for a year or two. Then the come back. I’d like to just carry forward from my last time I filed for them. Or at least copy and past the info page.

I just roll forward in each intervening year until you get to 2020. Had to do this with a client last week. Following in case there is an easier way to do this. I of course check any carry forwards with the CRA/client in case any info changed them in the intervening years.

That is what I do… except when possible I do AFR… and complete the return so that I have comparatives from year to year extra work… but it helps when clients complain last year they got refund of $XX… and then I can gently point them that actually the refund was only $X. or that a certain expense was Y.

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I don’t complete the earlier already filed return but will sometimes fill in the 5 year Summary columns from their on line account NOA’s for this reason too.

If you use the carry-forward function, as @laurie and @rachelavryl (and I) do, don’t save the file for the intermediate years - just keep carrying forward until you have it up to the current year. Then close the intermediate years without saving.

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Thanks everyone for the replays. I have done similar but had hoped that TaxCycle would have a smart copy option of some sort for that.