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I electronically submitted the Authrep for a client through Taxcycle. The result appears successful. I get a Code T835:

Thank you for using the e-submission service. Your submission has been accepted and will be processed shortly. Here is your confirmation number: 2019xxxxxx. Please retain it for your record. Please ensure to retain a copy of the signed and dated signature page in your files. Do not send it to us by mail or fax unless requested to do so. Prior to being updated as a representative, the authorization(s) must adhere to CRA policies and procedures. Once the online authorization has been processed, you can view your client’s name in your client list via the Represent a Client online service. Questions regarding the processing of the authorization should be directed to Individual Income Tax Enquiries at 1-800-959-8281.

I go to do an AFR, and CRA reports that I don’t have authorization. I wait a few days to AFR again; still, the CRA says I don’t have authorization. That same day, I submit an AuhRep for a different client and do an AFR, and I have instant access.

I decide to resend the AuthRep. Looks good, get the code T835 and a new confirmation number. Do an AFR, CRA reports I don’t have authorization.

I log on to RAC and look at the client list, and the client is not listed there. I try and use the Authorize Representative through the RAC account, put their SIN in, First and Last name and I get an error code this time: T911 on the SIN field:

Error: field is not valid for this service. (T911)

I call the 1-800-959-8281 number as instructed, and they tell me that I get to wait for over two hours.

Has anybody ever dealt with this happening? And if so, what was the issue and what steps needed to be taken to correct it?

What is the error message in TaxCycle when the AFR is refused? This will happen if you are filing one where the CRA are missing information - I experienced it 3 times this season. One was for an estate where the executor’s information wasn’t on file yet. The next one was for a parent filing for a teen child that wasn’t capable of filing herself. The third one was for a granddaughter filing for grandmother the first time but the power of attorney had not yet been accepted.

This currently is an issue because all of those documents are being stockpiled due to COVID-19 - it isn’t considered an essential service so the people who would normally do the processing are seconded to other areas in CRA or just sent home. Normal processing time is 4 weeks - current processing time is any one’s guess.

The only remedy seems to be to wait - that is my approach. There are no penalties currently and if there will be later, I would file a Taxpayer Relief.

I have experienced something similar but without the code, that h