AuthRep (T1013)

This happened to me twice when I submitted a T1013 through. I got confirmation from TC that the transmission was successful, and the “Auto File my Return” link was activated. When I tried to download the taxpayers’ info, the CRA site told me that I am not authorized to access this SIN. Is anyone else getting this error? Any solution?

Here are several possible reasons why CRA has not approved your authorization for this client:

a) If this is the very first time this taxpayer has filed a tax return, or if the taxpayer is several years behind in filing a tax return, CRA won’t authorize a representative on that account until after they have received that tax payers tax return. This is a security feature to safeguard the account from fraudulent activity by validating the authenticity of the taxpayer. Once the tax return is submitted and CRA validates that the taxpayer is authentic, they will then approve your authorization.

b) If someone other than the taxpayer has signed the AuthRep form (ie: Executor or Power of Attorney), CRA will require documentation (Will & Death Certificate; Power of Attorney documentation) before they will approve access to the client’s account. Documentation can be submitted using Submit Documents and often takes between one week to one month before it is approved, although with the current strike in progress, the delay may be much longer.

c) During the Covid pandemic where numerous client accounts were breached, CRA locked many of the breached accounts from being accessed, including blocking the taxpayer from their CRA My Account. A client phone call to CRA was often required. Clients also had the option to request CRA to lock their accounts from allowing others to access it due to fear of fraudulent activity.

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I noticed that a couple days ago with two new clients for whom I transmitted the AUTH forms. I transmitted a couple this morning who signed yesterday. No problem today.

Forms get transmitted but you will not be authorized if the form is not validated by your client having online access within 10 days.

@dpjain, this is only true if you are submitting an “AuthRepBus” to be authorized on a business account.
Currently not the case with the AuthRep for personal tax returns.