AuthRep FYI

Don’t expect instant authorizations at the moment.

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Its still not working since monday morning, how can they expect us to work so frustrating

I just spoke to a CRA agent regarding an AuthRep I submitted a few days ago and was asked did I include my Rep ID on the form when submitting. I said no as I am requesting online access by a business. She said that may be what is delaying the approval? Anyone else hear this. I asked for a senior agent and I am supposed to get a call within the next 48 hours

Since October I’ve lost access to AFR …simply says “Forbidden”; yet I have access to Represent a Client. I use the same User ID and Password for both and I’ve used the same Authorization for all my clients for ages…
Online Access by a business…so my BN and Business Name
And like you yesterday I heard that maybe my problem comes from the fact that my Authorizations are tied to my BN.

CRA have yet to fix my issue and I’m getting desperate for a solution.

@taxcycle Should we be changing our Authorization procedures ?

I have received a similar message which started on Monday. I had called the Sudbury Tax Centre Help Desk, the agent was quite stressed out as they have had many complaints from others as well. They stated that the CRA had made some updates with their system so that’s why it isn’t processing any authorizations. As of 10:00 A.M EST, the new authorization that I had sent hasn’t yet been accepted.

And then, when you finally get the call, they don’t tell you which of the 5 calls you have been waiting to hear about that they are calling for. :frowning::frowning:

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Just spoke with Ursula at the Winnipeg eFile Helpdesk.
She advised that they are having issues and are working on it.
She advised me NOT to resend the AuthRep requests that I’ve received Code W861 for.
She suggested that I try to access the client’s RAC info manually over the next few days to see if it’s fixed, but has no target date for remediation, nor should we expect to receive any kind of notification that it’s been fixed.

Hi Mike
we are new to taxcycle and struggling with the Authorization requests. We are using the AuthRep form and we are getting the error T859 that we submitted the incorrect version. Can you tell me what form you use?
thank you

You use the 2022 version under t1 section for t1 and 2022 t2 for t2

thank you for your help

Submitted another this evening.

No W861 code this time but also no access. :confused:

Did they switch the authorizations on individual accounts to the same as business accounts and I missed that fact? ie. Client needs to confirm on their My Account.

This is ridiculous, how can they expect us to work during tax season

Back in business. This weeks have processed.

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