T2 Authorization

How can i validate the incorporation data before getting an authorization for T2 Client. I am putting same information as incorporation docs but T2 authorization is being rejected. Can anyone pls advise how to check before submit an authorization.

Thanks in advance

You could do a corporate search.

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Could you not have the corporate client authorize yourself or your firm through their CRA My Business account? For some reason I thought that was the only practical way to get a T2 authorization in this new and improved post pandemic world.

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Thanks for your reply. I have the corporate docs but not sure client first and last name doesn’t match on Represent a client.

Ny thoughts on this.

Since your client will have to log onto My Business Account anyway to approve the paper form that you are preparing, you may as well have the client do the approval online and skip the step that you are trying to do right now.

That is, do what @snoplowguy suggested in the first place.