Whatever happened to the AuthBusRep (RC59) in the personal tax return?

I use the one in the T2 module, even for Sole Props, which then can be transmitted electronically in the software.

I do the same.
We NEED one in the T1 module please?


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Good to know about using the T2 module Auth-01 for GST authorization.

CRA Business Enquiries told me that Auth-01 online authorization via CRA Rep a Business is down right now pending rework for enhanced security of online submissions. Only paper filed versions for Level 1 is available currently.

@Cameron - Please let your support staff know about this workaround. I was told by two support staffers that there is no workaround for the inability to create and file the BN based Auth-01.

AuthRepBus (Old RC59) efile will be added to the T1 module. So, stay tuned.


Have I ever said, how happy I am with @taxcycle. Great news @Steven

Yes, but Profile has always had the business authorization included with the T1 module. I’m actually surprised it was missed in Taxacycle’s T1 module.

It’s great to hear that you are adding AuthRepBus (Old RC59) to the T1 module.

Will this be able able to handle more than one RT0001, RT0002 extension?

I have come across individuals with multiple proprietorships with separate RT extensions.

This can happen for one or more reasons:-

  • separate business in different industry or service
  • one business with separate branch or division
  • different ownership structure - individual, partnership, different set of partners
  • one reserve vs off reserve

@kozakworld I completely agree that we should have had this functionality in T1 and other applicable modules already. We first added the functionality to T2 (and T2 only) because the feature was initiated and certified by the CRA T2 team (and it still is to this day). Since then we have been looking for a way to simply “share” the AuthRepBus form and efile functionality across all relevant modules without replicating it in every module separately. The benefits of this is that we can update AuthRepBus once for all modules and reap the benefits of significant development time savings on our part. Hopefully, that means we can do more great things to the product.

This is the list of what we are supporting in AuthRepBus form in T2 and the same will be supported in all other modules: In AuthRepBus, there is a drop field to which you can add the last 4 sub-account digits (ie. 0001, 0002, 0003 etc…) So, to answer your question, yes, it will support the same account with multiple sub account numbers in the same AuthRepBus transmission.

Thank you for your update.

I can see that you will be able to handle RT extension numbers?

Q1 - Do you plan to add multi-form support to the authrepbus in the T1 module to support multiple RT numbers?

ProFile has used the duplicate form capability for years to duplicate any form for preparation and printing. I don’t know if CRA has the ability to process multiple Auth1 business authorization forms from a single file.

An individual can have multiple RT numbers.

  1. proprietorship
  2. unincorporated partnership 1
  3. unincorporated partnership 2

Q2 - Does CRA currently support level 2 access using the T2 module’s authbusrep?
According to CRA BN Enquiry, due to the recent fraudulent BN changes, The current online process via Rep A Business is shut down temporarily. As an additional precautionary step, CRA will accept level 1 support only for paper filed business authorizations.


Q1 - Depending on how complex the work gets and whether the weather is feasible for the upcoming season. But, I will take your suggestion to the team.

Q2 - We have been told by CRA that all is running as normal for the transmission of AuthRepBus. Are you having issues in T2 AuthRepBus transmission to obtain level 2 authorization (ie. rejection?)