Alberta AT1 Transmission / Worksheet "errors"

I’m not quite sure how to describe this, but …

Every time I transmit an Alberta AT1 I have the same error message pop up; when I try to fix it I get the “other” message…and neither wants to go away. Do I have a setup problem? (I never had an issue when using Profile.)

If I have “use firm” ticked on the Info page as the Contact person, I get two messages:
AT1 NetFileWS: 20090: Contact person’s last name is missing or exceeds…
AT1 NetFileWS: 20095: Contact person’s position is missing or exceeds…
In the above case, line 031 has the company name, line 033 and 035 are blank and highlighted. (Nickname and Position are blank on the Info form.)

If I have “use signing officer” ticked on the Info page as the Contact person, I get one message:
AT1 NetFileWS: 20110: Contact person’s email address is missing or exceeds…
In this case, line 041 is blank and highlighted, but 031, 033 and 035 are all fine.

I cannot seem to find a setup that works every time. Can anyone advise?

I think I solved my own problem (we’ll see…), from the thread here:

I’m not sure about the “Third-party service provider” (TPSP) requirements as I’ve never used that, nor can I find any info on it.

But selecting “yes” and setting the info in options seems to work. Whether it is correct or not is a different issue. Does TaxCycle have confirmation that simply NetFiling constitutes “third-party services”?

I have always used 3rd party service provider, and have had no problem. Have always understood that is what we have to do.

Would be nice if Alta Corp Tax actually told us what was expected there, but if it works for you, I’m sure it will work for me LOL! I just found all the various messages somewhat confusing from TaxCycle, so I’ll leave 'em be now…

I also just ticked yes for the 3rd party service provider and it works flawlessly

I emailed the AB TRA a few months ago to determine if our firm was a third party service provider, as I couldn’t find the definition anywhere online or otherwise. Here was their response:

Thank you for your email.

If you are Net Filing the Alberta Corporate Tax Return (AT1) on behalf of a client, you are a Third Party Service Provider and will need to complete the EDI Schedule.

Tax and Revenue Administration
Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
Phone: (780) 427-3044
Fax: (780) 422-3770

Hope that helps!