Other errors to be fixed

Had noticed that when I turned on Alberta taxation in the options, it wanted me to update the options for Alberta in non Alberta tax files. It was annoying since you could not clear the error without adding Alberta to residency area of the return clearing the error and then removing Alberta from the residency afterwards, either allow us to update or ignore the error message if the jurisdiction is not Alberta.

The AFR downloads the instalments paid for tax year, there should be an error message for us to post into the tax return. for T2 returns.

I get a diagnostic> “Instalments posted don’t agree with AFR data. Use AFR data?”

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To neal@nealnicholson.ca
Date 2022-06-16 11:09:39 AM
Subject [protaxcommunity.com] [Suggestions] Other errors to be fixed

@neal I just corrected my posting, I am referring to T2 returns not T1 returns

@james1 On the AT1 netfile review message, I will need to check with @Cameron if the message can be triggered only if AB jurisdiction is selected in T2 Info.


That would be the best solution, or just allow the program to actually update those cells despite not showing

@james1 The mismatch review message for AT1 and CO17 in the Engagement form will now trigger only if, in Info, you selected either AB or QC as the jurisdiction. You can grab the latest release on our website from last week here to try.


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