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Contact person on AT1NetFileWS

I’ve noticed that on that AT1NetFileWS, the contact name/position is not being filled out on our returns.

We would like all inquiries to come to the partners of the firm vs. the individual who prepared the tax return, so under Options/Preparer/Contact, we have “Use organization contact details” checked off.

Then under Organization/Contact and Address/Contact, we have all of the relevant details filled out for the respective Partner (with the exception of “Position”, which isn’t an available field in this screen); however, those details don’t appear to be populating in the Engagement form under the Contact person/firm representative section. This is where the AT1NetFileWS populates from, so the details are also missing from that form unless we override.

Just wondering if I’m misunderstanding how this setup should be functioning, or missing a checkbox along the way somewhere?

In the Engagement form, try answering Yes to the question “Are you a third party service provider?”
(If you are providing AT1 preparation service to your corporate client, you should answer Yes to this question. The answer does get submitted to AB Finance when you netfile the AT1 return). The answer to this question can be preset under the “Preparer Details” Options > TaxCycle > Organization > Preparer

If Yes, the contact info in AT1NetFileWS will be completed from the names under the “Contact person / Firm representative” section in the Engagement form. If No (ie. if you are an “internal” accountant working for the corporation), then contact person info in AT1NetFileWS will be the authorized signing officer name and position in Info.

If this does not work for you, give us a call and we will look into it for you.


Hi Steven,

I think your office will be closed by now, but just want to confirm that we do respond “Yes” to the TPSP question on line 17 of the WSNetFileWS.

The review note is being flagged on the NetFile form, but I suppose the underlying issue is that the relevant details are not being populated under the Engagement form “Contact person/Firm representative” fields.

Under the “Options/Preparer” screen we have the checkbox to “Use organization contact details” checked, so I assumed the Engagement form would populate based on the details under the “Options/Contact and Address” Contact section. We have all the details filled out there, but only the email, phone and fax numbers are making it through to the Engagement form. The name isn’t making it through, and there is no “position” field on this options form (any chance that while we’re at it a position field could be added here?).

Thanks for looking into this.


Hi Rick,

Give us a call tomorrow and our support can do a screen share to see. It is working as I described it on my computer but perhaps, I could be missing something. We are open from 8 am MT.


Sounds good - thanks Steven!