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TP1 transmission error


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Hello Marcel,

In section 3.1 of the TP-1029.RV, can you please confirm that the information entered in lines 31, 32, 33 and 34 are complete and not missing a character?

Line 31 should have 10 numerical characters
Line 32 should have 16 characters (14 numerical plus the TQ)
Line 33 should have 1 to 10 alpha-numerical characters
Line 34 should have 8 numerical characters for the date

If all appear to be entered correctly in that section, would you mind sending us the file so we can take a look please?

Thank you!

~ Annie

Just wondering if info entered on TP-1029.RVWS should auto populate related form TP-1029.RV

You need to complete the form TP1029RV itself first and use the TP1029RVWS (worksheet) if you have more then 5 rows in the TP1029RV. The worksheet is there for additional information over and above what can be entered in the TP1029RV.

thanks Annie,