Agri forms showing up for non-farming company

Every T2 I roll forward in the last couple of days suddenly has all the Agri forms wanting to be completed (so I have error messages needing to be cleared). I have NO farming clients, so am at a loss as to why this is showing up.

@andrea Can you send us the previous year file so we can try it for ourselves? Email us at and simply refer to this thread and ask our staff to send you an e-courier email to which you can reply with your attached file. If you are concerned about confidentiality of client file, you can also create a sample file and send that to us.



Figured out why this is happening. At one point in time, the AgriStability form contained data which was deleted later (ie. someone entered data then removed them or perhaps, it was a TaxCycle bug, likely the latter(?)). This, in turn, made the form “active” in TaxCycle and triggered the review messages in Agri form. Hence, when the file is carried forward, the Agri form stays activated in TaxCycle. As a workaround, you can right click in Agri form and Delete form then CFWD. We will have this fixed in the next release. Thank you for reporting this to me.

Thanks so much.