Returning client, I did not prepare the previous year

New to Taxcycle. I have a client that I prepared their 2021 and previous returns but not their 2022 (decided they would do on their own). I can’t figure out how to carry forward their file in order to access the historical information that I have for comparative purposes. I tried to carry forward 21 to 22, no luck. I tried AFR and saving, no luck. I then marked file as complete and not being filed. Still can’t carry forward. In Profile, I would just carryforward the 2021 into 2022 and save. Then I could carry forward 2022 into 2023 and away I would go.

You should be able to carry forward form 21 to 22 and then from 22 to 23. Of course, 2022 it won’t have the filing information if they filed it themselves.

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Yep,…it happens. With luck some of the carryovers can be updated with AFR.

If you want to populate the previous year, you can obtain the information from RepClient if you have the proper authorization. The assessment only provides high level detail but if you go into Change My Return, you have the line by line detail. Obviously, it is much easier to just ask the client for the missing year.

Oh, good thought about doing a CMR to get the info!

The “proof of income” also has a good amount of detail.

I usually kick clients like this to the curve. If you’d like to do your own, then do it. If you want to come back, you’re getting billed for the headache.


Not sure what is up with your carry forward from 21 to 22, but you could enter the historical information from the 21 return you did and the assessed return on RAC into the 2023 5-year summary and 5year provincial summary.

That’s what I do to get a 2year client comparison for new clients instead of mocking up a return I didn’t do and won’t file.