Newest Update Adding to T657

Since I updated my TaxCycle to the latest version yesterday or the day before, each 2019 file I create or open up seems to have a line added to the carryforward capital gains information on the T657. It just adds “2010” as the year but with no other data. It’s not changing the tax calcs but likely shouldn’t be there. Is anyone else noticing this?

Yes, I opened a return yesterday that had been completed and it had a T657 error message but i couldn’t see a problem.

I have reported the issue.

It seems to be a chase your tail issue. It asks to update the T657 but updates it with zero value lines.
You are than suggested to delete those lines. Delete them and you are asked to update again.

Seems like the coding needs to be adjusted to not update if a zero value.

All my 2019 returns (haven’t tried other years) show an error message “T657: Row contains no amounts”. When I click on the message, it goes to the T657 and 2010 is showing on the first line of the year column at the top but no data on the line. Thanks for chiming in. I assume it’ll be fixed soon.

Can be signed off so not a problem but an annoyance.

I don’t like having messages shout at me when I open an older return it males me nervous. :smiley:

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We added a QuickFix to the AFR capital gains deduction message that I now realize was not excluded from the release. It is triggering even if the client has never claimed a capital gains deduction but does have CNIL amounts. Clicking on it adds rows on T657 with only the year.
We will get this cleaned up for the upcoming T2 release.

Regarding the initial post about the message to remove blank lines triggering on new returns. We created new 2019 returns, carried forward or opened existing files but have not seen this behaviour. Is it possible that the file in question actually had a row with only the year 2010 on it, or had you also done AFR and used the QuickFix to bring in the blank AFR data to T657 such that the second message we added to delete rows without data now triggered?
If lines are being added by just opening an existing file, can you send us a copy of such a file without saving it such that we have it in the original state?

On a review of some random files that have not had a capital gains deduction or CNIL amounts and checking back some years I seem to have files with a year only populated on the T657. Seems to be 2011 commonly. Must be a hangover from carried forward Profile files back in the day. QuickFix is just bringing it to our attention.

@Allen, I have sent an email with one of the files where this error pops up. I opened it but did not save or make any other changes.

Check any earlier year of a return for one of the clients. I bet the blank line is all ready there.

Perhaps you’re right that this error message is just bringing this to light. I checked the 2018 tax returns and it shows the blank 2010 line (it seems to be JUST 2010). Perhaps it’s just an old Profile carry-forward.

It appears the tweaking of this QuickFix didn’t get in the new release. :disappointed:

It is in the T2 update that we are finishing up.

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