AFR Results and issues

Anyone noticing everyone seems the be “Signed up for Online Mail?”.
Even clients I know are not are reported as a yes!
CRA issue or Taxcycle reporting issue?

Quickfix on Canada training credit limit is not working and when I try to jump to the page I end up on the RRSP contributions worksheet.

This is now (if it is passed into law, which I can’t confirm) the default method of communication. It was announced in Budget 2021.

Was also announced in the Efile Association of Canada (EAC) newsletter as being implemented in Feb 22 – which makes sense it’s showing up now. (Decent group and worth considering membership.)

But I’m not sure (as above) that’s it’s law yet…

From the newsletter:

Changes to the Default Method of Correspondence - Notices of Assessment

Budget 2021 proposes to amend the Income Tax Act to provide the CRA with the ability to send certain notices of assessment electronically without the taxpayer having to authorize the CRA to do so.

This proposal will apply to individuals who file their income tax return electronically (via NETFILE) and those who employ the services of a tax preparer (via EFILE) to file their income tax return electronically.

I’m sure there’s more about it somewhere on CRA’s site.

That initiative has been delayed until later this year but maybe that is the reason it is reporting that way.

If that is the case then it is certainly a redundant statement now.

Agree - maybe it was in the developent window and they couldn’t stop it? I was at a CRA focus group some years back where they said that add-ons took 18 months to approve…so maybe they decided to leave it in and will just ignore that? Who knows…it’s CRA!

I ran AFR for myself (never signed up for online mail) and I, too, get Yes.
However, I tried logging into My Account and I got this message blocking me from going further unless I gave them an email address: The two may be closely related but always sending Yes doesn’t tell us anything. I just sent my AFR contact at CRA a note asking why they are always returning Yes, pointing out how useless this indicator has become, if it was deliberate. I will report back if I get an answer.

See note on this page too:

A lot of information in there.

It doesn’t mention that yes now also means no as well though. :slight_smile:

I have quite a few clients who have not signed up for Online Mail and also do not have a My Account set up.

I think I read somewhere that if the client doesn’t have My Account set up, CRA will be sending the electronic NoA’s to preparers instead (??!!). I really hope I misread & that is not the case…I do not want to be responsible for clients’ CRA correspondence!

According to a CPA Blog I read today (see snipit below), this is likely postponed until January 1, 2023. (see last paragraph).
Here is the link to their page.
Are you up to date on the latest tax changes? (

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Thank you Rosanna for the update - Klaus @ Exact Tax Service

My AFR contacts at CRA confirmed this morning that the “Signed up for Online mail” indicator always appearing as Yes is a bug on their side and will be fixed soon.


Seems to be fixed as I have taxpayer returning a result of “No”.

Quickfix now works but when you try to jump to “Training” tab you still jump to the RRSP worksheet.

I get a message when trying to download AFR
Start Over
Tax Cycle was unable to complete the download.
The service returned: INVALID REQUEST (201) The request for tax data is not structured properly.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?


" I get a message when trying to download AFR
Start Over
Tax Cycle was unable to complete the download.
The service returned: INVALID REQUEST (201) The request for tax data is not structured properly.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?"
I have been getting that since 26 February 2022 for every attempted AFR.
Looks like Taxcyle hasn’t fixed it yet.
You have to do everything twice.

Mine works fine. If it’s not working for you, try moving to Nova Scotia. Everything works better here.

LOL - no problems here in Saskatchewan, either…

LOL x 2…working fine in BC…

been having problems with a client that has a lot of T5008’s

Hi Everyone:

Just to pile on, I’ve had no problems with AFR except where it times out when I can’t get through CRA’s ridiculous login process in time……(just needed to complain about the latter).

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I always login first, then I do AFR.
When I do this I normally don’t have problems.