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Auto-fill my return (AFR) Not Communicating with CRA?

Trying to determine whether this is an issue on my end or if AFR is offline

I carried forward a T2 return this afternoon and clicked on T2 Auto-fill. I got the pop-up as usual, and tried to initiate the download session but the little wheel keeps spinning and eventually times out with the error message “TaxCycle was unable to complete the download”. I tried a couple more times but the same issue. If I hit cancel TaxCycle seems to completely freeze up.

I then tried to AFR a T1 return and received the same communication error.

I can’t remember the last time I had an issue with AFR or T2 AFR so before I start pulling things apart I was wondering if AFR is working for others.

thanks in advance.

I have been unable to Efile a T2 this afternoon - same little wheel.

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@snoplowguy @LMK We are aware of the issue and we have sent a note to the CRA. We will keep you updated as soon as we hear from them.


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CRA replied that they had a power outage at one of their buildings causing a break in any process that had to retrieve data from servers in that building. Things should return to normal shortly.

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Really… You would think they would have backup power…


AFR is working for me now

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