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Tax Folder T4 etc. format

I just had a client phone and request a T4 copy from 2019 for banking purposes. When I sent it via TaxFolder, the only date that shows is today’s date at the top. It doesn’t indicate the year of the T4 anywhere, so the bank wouldn’t accept it. If possible, could documents sent this way indicate the year they apply to somewhere?


Something else that would be useful to us would be if the cover letters were included in the correspondence list options from the client file so they could be customized before sending documents via TaxFolder.

I apologize if this is already possible. I’ve been unable to find a way to include the cover letters in the correspondence list.

Can you please post a bit more detail to help me understand where you would like a change? How did you send the T4 (as an approval, in the shared files From Preparer or From Client)? Did you send it from TaxCycle or as a direct upload in TaxFolder? Where is “today’s date” showing - in the email notification, in the file name uploaded, on the T4 PDF when opened?

All the email templates for anything sent from TaxFolder are available for edit in the template editor. You can add your own custom template here to use with TaxFolder. Help with email templates can be found here

You can dynamically reference fields and/or add conditions in the templates or use one of the custom fields to add extra information that is specific to a particular client.

We are also looking at what we can do in the print dialogue to show the email subject line and message so it can be edited on the fly when sending documents electronically.

Thank you, Sarka,

I have edited the templates we use regularly and love that feature. I’m just looking for a way to 1-time edit the cover letter on the fly, like I can the CLetter for example. Great to hear it’s already being looked at.

For the T4, I used the AFR’d T4 from the client file in TC. Just right clicked, chose pdf as output, and sent it as an email via TF from the print window.

When opened, it looks exactly like the T4 page in TC, but the tax-year it applies to doesn’t show at the top like it does when you print say the 2YearClient Summary, which has the T1-2020 at the top right.

I haven’t had any other requests for pages like this, but it would be handy if the tax year showed up at the top of any forms printed from TC.

I have no idea how complicated it would be to add a field after the issuer box at the top, but an alternative thought would be to have a T4 ‘Year’ field included on each T4 as part of the AFR or available for manual entry like the ‘Account Number or Description’ field.

When opened, it looks exactly like the T4 page in TC, but the tax-year it applies to doesn’t show at the top like it does when you print say the 2YearClient Summary, which has the T1-2020 at the top right.

@sarka, Would it be possible, in a future release, to have the T4 year brought in from DoxCycle and/or AFR to a new field on the T4, T5 and other applicable screens? This would resolve the issue for @Stargazer, and it would be a nice easy check for reviewers to make sure an old T4 didn’t get mixed in with the current year slips. (We have a few clients who like to bring back last year’s slips and mix them in with this year’s).
While we are at it, it would also be nice to have some kind of diagnostic in DoxCycle if a T4 is grouped with the wrong taxpayer (based on the SIN)

I’m not sure if Sarka has any other ideas to accomplish what you are looking for or if she will enter a feature change request, but in the mean time you can add text to the top of any PDF from the Print Dialog Box which could include the Tax Year like this:

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Absolutely, adding a label in the print dialogue is an option. Now that I understand the issue, we can also add the year in the title here if that would be helpful:

@darlene Brilliant! Perfect workaround. I didn’t realize that’s what that field did. I thought it was related to filter options for sorting in TC :crazy_face:. I can set that up as a default option and forget it.

Thank you!

@sarka That’s originally what I was thinking.

For @matthew’s point about mixed up slips, it would be helpful for that. We send out flyers to the neighbouring postal codes. I’m amazed at how many people came out of the woodwork with 5-7 years of back returns to do; with all the paperwork in one big envelope of course.