Document ordering

I had trialed Doxcycle the first year that it was released. Have not used it since I bought the full suite in June or July.

Do you mean to say that Doxcycle no longer re-orders your scanned document sets.

Previously Doxcycle had re-ordered my documents regardless of the PDF set order.

Since so many of my clients fall over the threshold for CRA post assessment review, I prepare all my client docs with the expectation that there will be a review or audit.

I use a lead sheet, sometimes an excel reconciliation worksheet, excel transaction details, etc. Related slips were attached at the back.

These documents sets were arranged by Form or by line number on the form.

  • T1 S3 - Capital Gain - Lead sheet, Excel summary, ACB calcs, investment continuity, supporting ACB docs.
  • T1, S1, line 330, M-1 - Lead sheet, Excel summary of all dental for the year with reference # to each supporting bill, support docs numbered.
  • T1, S1, line 330, M-2 - Lead sheet, Excel summary of all child psychology for ADD with reference # to each supporting bill, support docs numbered.
  • each medical claim totaled for the year by medical provider gets an T1-S1-M-#.
  • T1, L 230, Spousal Support - Lead sheet, Excel summary of payment due and paid, supporting separation or divorce agreement, supporting proof of payment - cancelled checks, bank statement, statement from Alberta Family Court etc.

I scanned these perfectly ordered sets as separate document packages by T1 line or box number.

I copied these to the Doxcycle folder. Imported the data into Taxcycle.

Out came a jumbled mess.

After a few tries, I abandoned Doxcycle.

How does it handle non-slip information and multiple document bundles now.

Doxcycle will order the documents in the order your specify if you use the custom indexing.


Thank you. I will check that out.

Try to import your document as a single document instead of dragging.

If you drag, Doxcycle treats each page as a separate document. If you import as a multi-page document, the entire thing remains in the same order. This is a menu option, last one.

I’ve learned to import the Notices and other Correspondence from the CRA in this mode rather than having to rearrange after importing.

You may wish to generate your individual lead sheets as separate PDFs, then import all the files at once. Or talk to Trilogy since I think that there is some way to automatically have Doxcycle identify files as particular leadsheets (perhaps with a header on the top of the page?)