2009-2011 T1 returns

I have a new client that needs 2009-2011 T1 returns filed. Do you have a version for those years and can I pay per return for it? Don’t expect to have many clients needing returns going back this far.

If not, any suggestions for online tax programs that will let me carryforward the T1 in my 2012 Taxcycle T1?


You will probably end up buying an Archive CD from CanTax. It will do the job and is probably the least expensive option

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I’ve used GenuTAx (www.genutax.ca/). It’s a pretty basic software package, but for simple situations it does the job. It’s a download, but entirely free.

Does GenuTax carry forward to TaxCycle?

Pretty sure TaxCycle would not support that (they don’t support carry forward from UFile which is far more mainstream).

Thanks, I think I’ll try Genutax. I’m just on CRA’s website to confirm but I think I have to paper file all returns except 2013 and 2014 correct?

Free software available for those years is Studio Tax. Although they will not carry forward into TaxCycle, you can quickly update client past details using the Tax Data Download. Worked great for me to do a client 2005 - 2012