Just wanted to congratulate TaxCycle on another successful T1 season. Even with a wider user base, the client support remains fantastic. The software is getting better every year but it’s the support and the willingness to listen to the users and make changes that really makes the difference.


I have to agree with you Kevin. This was our first season with TaxCycle/DoxCycle. We were extremely happy with the support and their willingness to listen to users.

Kudos to the Trilogy team!


Thank you both! At risk of sounding cheesy, it’s you all that make it fun and worthwhile for us.

Let me echo, both Kevin’s and Matthew’s comments. This is my second year using T1 and T2 versions and I am very happy with the program and with the support. The best thing is when an issue comes up, it is addressed almost immediately and not by just one person, I have had several respond to make sure I was well taken care of when I did have some questions.

The amount of time I save when doing a corporate return is astounding and well preparing the T1 has never been easier.

Great job to the whole TaxCycle Team