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2012 Return for Quebec Resident

I am doing returns for a non-resident, 2012 through 2015 He ended the 2012 year in Quebec. I don’t have the TP1 package with TaxCycle nor did they have it available for 2012. He moved back to ON for the remainder of his time in Canada.

Any suggestions for a way to do one TP1 for 2012?

You will have to use something other than Tax Cycle - other software, or download PDFs from CRA and do it by hand.

I tend to use Studio tax when I need to do the odd Quebec return. It used to be free but they are now charging $15. The earlier years (2019 and earlier) may still be free.

Thank you for your suggestions. When using Studio Tax would there be an area to include my Rep ID or Efile #?


Go on their website and you will notice that returns prior to 2020 are still free…

FYI and Thank you
Studio Tax unable to do a return when client’s address is outside Canada. Perry from TaxCycle suggested UFile for 2012 TP1. This is the direction I have chosen to go and will be charging client extra to cover my costs, for which he is glad to be able to get things done and caught up.

Have a great weekend


Thank you for that information - I obviously did not check on-non resident - my apology…