You have submitted an incorrect form version

I am getting this error message when attempting to transmit a T1013 for a new client.
I am using the T1 2016 module, as I understand you cannot transmit using 2017 software yet
This is occurring on Feb 13, 2018. Is the CRA between versions? Or not accepting T1013’s at the moment?

Never mind - it does work if you use the 2017 T1 software.

Yes, as of yesterday, February 12th, CRA will only accept the 2017 version of the form which is only in our 2017 module. For the previous 5 weeks, CRA accepted both the 2016 and 2017 versions.
We put the 2017 version in our 2017 module in our January 26th update so it was ready in plenty of time for yesterday’s reopening of T1013 transmissions after the weekend rollover at CRA.