Wrong currency symbol in Client Manager

Very minor UX issue, but I’ve noticed the currency symbol doesn’t display properly on any of the computers in our office in client manager - it’s always a pound sign, ex:

We’re running W10 on all our machines, with regional language set to Canadian English and a $ sign for currency:

Is anyone else experiencing this little issue? Perhaps I’ve gone wrong somewhere along the lines in our shared options profile? The $ sign shows up properly on client letters and invoices, so not a big problem at all.

This is something that I’m looking into. I have the same currency display problem on one of my development machines, but as yet, haven’t been able to figure out why.

The temporary solution is to add /EN to your TaxCycle shortcut.

Sounds good, thanks Andrew.

Any update on this issue?

As per @rick.s and @james_zuzanski, I also have this issue. when I reported it last year, you gave me the same advice, which works (thanks). But, I just tried removing the command line switch, and the problem immediately re-appears.
I can’t remember if I told you at that time - the problem appeared after one of the major Windows updates (“Creators Update”?). And, may have been related to the addition of the “English - Canada” language pack for the Windows “Display Language”. I remember having to download the language pack manually and choose it in Settings, because the Start menu and many of the Windows built-in apps would no longer recognize keyboard input. Some time after curing that problem, I noticed the currency symbol had changed to £ in TaxCycle.