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Saving batch calculations, and export tweak for currency cells

I just stumbled onto the batch calculation feature in Client Manager, and I think it’s a game changer from a file management perspective! I can think of quite a few uses for it, which leads to my first suggestion: could you add the ability to save batch calculations?

There are a few batch calcs I’ll be using that have relatively complex expressions, and it would be great to just be able to click on a saved version and hit run.

My second suggestion has to do with the excel export that is generated: right now it appears that when dollar values are exported to excel, they are formatted as text with a currency symbol in front of them (in my case a pound sign for some reason), ex. £52,936.91. Could the export be modified so that these values are formatted as “numbers” or “currency” in excel, so that we can sort, calculate, etc., without first manually converting the formatting?

As always, thanks for your consideration!